Hi Lovely,

My name is Chanelle Elana,

Author and founder of  

To the Heart and Back ~



I am...

 a true libra who believes in Love, harmony and peace ~

a curious soul with a yearning for adventure and freedom ~

a free spirit with a thirst for knowledge and spiritual growth ~





Before and after…

Since I was twelve, I’ve been recording my thoughts and feelings in an attempt to make sense of my life. I still have boxes of journals that I treasure - I’ve kept them all these years.

Fast forward a few years it was in my late 20’s that I found my gift for writing

Then one day, the idea came to me to create a journal with my affirmations. 

I had an inner calling to spread a message far and wide

I discarded routine in favour of risk and courage.

Here, I am today having successfully published a journal and affirmation card deck, with more to come! ~


Things I love (to name a few!)

Books and the sun ~ grounding and the beach

Herbalism and nature ~ homewares and art 

Functional patterns ~ music and dance

Handwritten letters ~ anything handmade

Plants and flowers ~ crystals and gemstones 

Skateboarding and surfing ~ tennis and soccer

Quantum biology and circadian health ~ hiking

Contemporary dance ~ ballet and the piano


I believe we all have a place, story, dream and

magnificent destiny if we have faith in our gift ~ 


I hope to inspire you to choose Love over fear and honour your true Self.


May you harness your inner strength and begin to live a vibrant and

spirited life filled with Love, creativity, expression, clarity and gratitude. 



Chanelle Elana



To the Heart and Back is an adventure,

come from the ether 

from my Heart to Yours. 


Join me on this magical journey ~