A Gypsy Goddess with feathers in her hair and an open, loving Heart.

A Bohemian wanderer with a yearning for adventure and freedom.

A Free Spirit with a thirst for knowledge and spiritual growth.

A true Libra who believes in Love, harmony and balance.

“I fall in Love with words, especially when they speak to my Heart. Writing has always taken me to another dimension, a place where the wanderers, the dreamers, and free-thinkers all meet and conspire to elevate you.“

“There is nothing in the world that gives me greater freedom and release than just me with a pen and paper or a keyboard and a screen.“

To the Heart and Back… 

…evokes a dreamy, magical place where you are free to open up to new concepts, dimensions, places and times.

…will develop your ability to harness your inner strength, to live a vibrant and spirited life filled with creativity, expression, clarity and colour.

…will empower and inspire you to choose Love over fear and keep Love in it’s purest form in your Heart – always.

“To the Heart and Back is an idea, a concept, a story,
a movement, an adventure, come from the ether 

– From my Heart to Yours.”